Why will you joke with this.

Daniel Obinim, also known as Bishop Obinimor Angel Obinim (b. 29 August, 1977), is a Ghanaian pastor known for self-proclaimed spiritual powers and extreme Christian practices which have often sparked national outrage for infringement on rights of church members. Many have accused him of being a bogus preacher. Obinim is the Head Pastor of the International God’s way.


Leader of the International Godsway Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim, has come out to say that he saw the lynching of Captain Maxwell Mahama and made attempts to use his angelic powers to fly to help him, however, just when he was about to fly, his father, Jesus Christ, whatsapped him to tell him that he should let it happen.

How on earth will you joke with something serious such as this.

You judge for yourselves.

Too much jokes.


full support for manny pacquaio

Based on the shocking news, I plead to fly off the tangent a bit. Did he or should I say she do it. I am open to any interviews for anybody ready to invite me.This is very offensive.How can Michelle Obama plead innocent on this cause. I am not backing any proof which other people have said. Based on my on analysis the high social standard attained by both Obama and wife will be left in the mud from henceforth.She is a transgender whom before meeting Barry Obama Jr. was a man with two solid rigid balls like mine and she he cried she he deserved to be a woman repatterning herself from the word of God.its punishable and highly unpatriotic in the Kingdom of God.I support Manny Pacquaio who said gays are animals and this caused him a lot on twitter…its better for a man to enter into heaven without friends than to enter into hell with 1300000 friends.SELAH

Laugh out loud

Check some funny statements from our Ghanaian players
1. Olele Kingson
Interviewer: so Olele, tell us about ur family.
Olele: I have one kids and two brothers. There is one in front and one behind me.
2. Steven Appiah
Interviewer: Steven , u seem to have hit such a vein of form and u also appear more fitter. What is ur secret?
Steven: when I get up in the morning I run away

3. Christian Astu
Interviewer: Congratulations, how do you feel afta winning the Man of the Match
Atsu : oh thank u, thank u for the question, pls the question again.

4. Steven Appiah
Interviewer : Steven, u have helped the stars to win this match, so where to from here?
Steven: ooh we are going home
5. Asamoah Gyan:
Interviewer: Gyan , how do u feel after not being able to convert the penalty kick?
Asamoah Gyan : I feel immediately!
6. John Mensah
Interviewer: You played so well today but u lost the match. What do u say to that?
John Mensah: Hmmm. We donate everything to God.

The kind of knowing

I ask questions a lot. Yes, that’s me. Not necessarily complaining about issues of life but asking the question “Why”.

I happen to walk pass newsstands and each time I walk by, there’s always a story- a different story. Man cannot live a day without hearing news. Global holocaust, hunger, death, injustice are the order of the day. So, I asked this question,  “Why is there a different story each day. Why can’t the world live a day without fear?” And the answer which came was shocking! The Holy Spirit revealed something to me. Very essential. Please listen and write it down. So that he who reads will run.

He said, the reason why there’s always a new news is because my people are still finding it a reluctance to “know” me. A reluctance?? He said, I know you are confused my son Samuel but that is the truth. The truth has been preached to almost every nation. They have seen my power there of but there’s still this kind of heart of stone which deter them from knowing me. From the beginning it was not so. I created man because I had no companion on earth. I created man to have fellowship with him. Each time we had fellowship no bad news was heard. It was all good news. The kind of fellowship ” knowing” which bore fruit. Which yielded good tidings but until man changes his thinking he will be conformed to the circumstances of the world. Blown to and fro with every wind of news.

Let them return to me and I shall return to them. I’ll be their God and they shall be my people.

Brethren, think about these words.


Sempah ©2017

He had a family

This news which occurred in Denkyira a a town in Ghana is what is giving me headaches. You can see I’m not asleep.

Man, he was a family man. He told you who he was and you decided to kill him. Some of the armed robbers are among those who killed him.

Sticks beating on flesh and blocks shattering bones.

Cerebral hemorrhage did I see before he took his last breath.

His right impeded. Freedom of speech.

They need to be dealt with.

My condolence to the bereaved. Take heart.

Rest in peace Captain

Stupid Act

“The people of Denkyira-Obuasi knew who Captain Mahama was. He had been stationed there for 3 weeks to fight against illegal mining – Galamsey.

He is a regular jogger & knew the route well, I’m confident he didn’t ask anyone for directions & the claim that he had stopped to ask some traders for directions & that is why they thought he was an armed robber is an afterthought by the perpetrators. Also, this community is full of Chinese people who also carry weapons. Captain Mahama carrying a pistol while jogging is no news especially in this community.

His gruesome murder was orchestrated by the people (most likely led by the Assemblyman who is said to be a small scale miner himself) to send a message to those who seek to combat illegal mining; the main source of livelihood for the people in the community.

They knew him, they targeted him & they lynched him to teach the fighters of illegal mining, Galamsey, a bitter lesson”

– Felix Darfour
This is the whole truth…May God forgive them..especially the assembly man

Key to prosperity 1

Are you searching for the key to prosperity?

Are you fasting, praying, and searching

And are you following scriptures??

I was once listening to Bishop David Oyedepo in one of his sermons at shiloh 2016 and one thing which gave me a practical understanding in spiritual turn over in areas of finance was that, God’s ability to give you power to make wealth is not a respecter of fasting and prayers. It is a hard blow right? I’m not saying fasting and praying and searching for spiritual breakthrough is not good but I am just trying to say with truth that God’s prosperity is not a promise but a COVENANT.

You do this (settle) your part and God does His. That’s how covenant works. Pay your tithes. Total obedience to malachi 3:10. Now what is total obedience?? 2nd corinthians 10:4-6 my definition though. The verse 6 says when your obedience is fulfilled….  Let this obedience be fulfilled and your prayers will be short.

Ask David Green he will tell you how tithing made him a BIBLICAL BILLIONAIRE. Just put God to the test if He will not open the flood gate of heaven and pour down rains which you will not have enough room to contain it.





Above everything, she is my greatest confidante

Narrowing it down, she is more than a sister

Never has she said anything or done anything to hurt me

As the saying goes birds of the same feather flock together

Her name can be formed when you take the first letter beginning in each line.


The Unusual Testimony

She expected a miracle to happen to her immediately when she entered into the church auditorium,but, it didn’t turn out to be what she expected. This disease and infirmity was becoming serious and the signs were just naked in front of everyone’s eyes. The spirit of the Lord came and told her in her dream that she should always give a testimony on every Sunday at church and  immediately she woke up from her sleep. She imagined the ridicule she will receive on this account but she had to do it anyway. On the first Sunday, she stood in front of the church with her swollen leg and said these power words which had no meaning, ” I thank God for healing me of my disease and infirmity”. The church was so astonished to see her on the following sunday saying the same words but no change in her condition. Some people in the church began to murmur amongst themselves. Some shook their heads.This continued for a month.But, another Sunday came and she had a big bandage on her legs and came and stood in front of the whole congregation and said these same words,”I thank God for healing me of my disease and infirmity. he has given me a new leg and i thank Him so much. Nothing is difficult for Him. Absolutely nothing. You could see the angry faces of some people even on some of the church leaders. But, as the woman started unwrapping her bandaged leg all the people in the church  fell down on their faces and praised God. With streams of tears rushing down her youthful face she walked so majestically around the church, pouring her heart to God for her total healing. Still in the thanksgiving mood these were the words she said before she retired to her seat.

I have not seen a great miracle which comes without a ridicule